Arèìdansk Arèìdansk levkes krimanàdin

The Arèìdansk alphabet was invented by the linguist and philologist Carmelo Lupini to write his conlang, Arèìdansk, which is a possible evolution of an Indo-European dialect. Arèìdansk has two writing systems: an alphabet, Levkes krimanàdin (“Script of Light”), and an abugida, Devporix krimanàdin (“Script of the city of gods”). The former is used to write Gnostic texts, the latter is used to write Vedic and Buddhist texts.

Notable features

Arèìdansk alphabet

The alphabets consists of 33 characters. 15 have diacritical marks and 9 express a double sound. The alphabetical order is as follows:

Arèìdansk Script


Sample text

Sample text in Arèìdansk


Yesus vevàyait: svedyin yin ekaryin at’eskosityin par te vasilman pùntreda; vyin verketen ab’eri gvenda ati es er nevem tùrreda.

IPA transcription

/ˈJesus veˈvajait: ˈsvedjin jin eˈkarjin at’eskoˈsitjin par te vaˈsilman ˈpuntreda; vjin verˈketen ab’eri gvenda ati es er ˈnevem ˈturːeda/


Jesus said: blessed are the solitary and elect because for you will find the Kingdom; for you came forth from it, and you will return to it again.

Download fonts for Arèìdansk

Download charts of the Arèìdansk alphabet in PDF or Excel format

Details of the Arèìdansk alphasyllabary (PDF)

Information about Arèìdansk (in Italian)

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