The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Sarangani Blaan

I mdatah gumnè di Babél

  1. Di kagatbuan nun alò satu bung talù, i talù kdee dad to di klamang i banwe.
  2. Na di kalngabla, magu ale gsen di gusut i duh kel di too datal na mabal tanà di Sinar, na mnè ale déén.
  3. Na kafnge én, stulen i dad to én, manla, “Gasil ito nan santifun i fitak na fkafagito di luben, fye mbaling too kmegeng na mgal, du fye nun imoito gumnè.”Na du landè too batu di banwe atù, én baling santifunla fitak na fkafagla na fnadkatla i sfaltu.
  4. Kafnge én, manla, “Ani mimò ito bong banwe i nun bong mdatah gumnè gafat di langit, fye too mdengeg i dagitito na là ito masbalét di klamang i banwe.”
  5. Kabay Dwata i Amu, mdà kenen di langit, salu ditù du toon neye i bong banwe na i mdatah gumnè nimò i dad to ani.
  6. Na man Dwata i Amu, “I kdee dad to ani, du tasasatu nawala na alò satu talùla, ani fa alò katbù i fanla nimò. Na là mlo ani gaganla mimò i kdee kayèla nimò.
  7. Taman salu agu ditù na sansahalgu i talùla, du fye nun dee sahal talù, du fye là ale saglabat.”
  8. Taman sanbalét ale Dwata i Amu, mdà déén kel di klamang banwe, na én duenan tanlagla i kimòla i bong banwe.
  9. I banwe ani dnagit ku Babél, du sansahal Dwata i Amu i talù dad to déén, du fye mgimò dee sahal talù. Na mdà di Babél, sanbalétan i dad to di klamang banwe

Source: Dyénésis. The New Testament in Sarangani Blaan of the Philippines; 1st ed. 1998; web version, © 2016, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Sarangani Blaan is a variety of Blaan, a Philippine language spoken in Mindanao in the south of the Philippines.

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