Mauritian Creole numbers

How to count in Mauritian Creole (Kreol Morisien), a French-based Creole spoken in Mauritius.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 zero
1 enn promie
2 deziem
3 trwa trwaziem
4 kat katriem
5 senk, sink senkiem
6 sis siziem
7 set setiem
8 wit witiem
9 nef neviem
10 dis diziem
11 onz onziem
12 douz douziem
13 trez treziem
14 katorz katorziem
15 kenz, kinz kenziem
16 sez
17 diset
18 diswit
19 diznef
20 vin
21 vint-é-enn
22 venndé, vinndé
23 venntrwa, vinntrwa
24 vennkat, vinnkat
25 vennsink, vinnsink
26 vennsis, vinnsis
27 vennset, vinnset
28 vintwit
29 vintnef
30 trant
40 karannt
50 sinkant
60 swasant
70 swasanntdiz, swasann-dis (60+10)
71 swasannonz (60+11)
72 swasanndouz (60+12)
73 swasanntrez (60+13)
74 swasannkatorz (60+14)
75 swasannkinz (60+15)
76 swasannsez (60+16)
77 swasanndiset (60+17)
78 swasanndizwit (60+18)
79 swasanndiznef (60+19)
80 katrovin (4x20)
86 katrovinsis (4x20+6)
90 katrovin-dis (4x20+10)
91 katrovin-onz (4x20+11)
92 katrovin-douz (4x20+12)
93 katrovin-trez (4x20+13)
94 katrovin-katorz (4x20+14)
95 katrovin-kinz (4x20+15)
96 katrovin-sez (4x20+16)
97 katrovin-diset (4x20+17)
98 katrovin-dizwit (4x20+18)
99 katrovin-diznef (4x20+19)
100 san
200 dé san
300 trwa san
400 kat san
500 sink san
600 sis san
700 set san
800 wit san
900 nef san
1,000 mil
2,000 dé mil
3,000 trwa mil
4,000 kat mil
5,000 sink mil
6,000 sis mil
7,000 set mil
8,000 wit mil
9,000 nef mil
10,000 dis mil
1,000,000 enn milyon


Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

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