Vulpic Runescript Vulpic Runescript

The Vulpic-Runescript (Solüa-Íŋuá) was constructed in 2018 by C. S. De Silva, a.k.a Ken D. It is used by the fictional Solüpa people (created by Ken D) to write their native Vulpic tongue. The alphabet can also be used to write English, Latin, Finnish, Italian, Greek and Hungarian.

Historical background (fictional)

The language was devised in 34 AD, during the time of Old-Hungarian runes. Old-Hungarian was used as the primary writing-script for the Solüpa, until a revolt within the tribe resulted in the murder of its leader and the start of a modified version of the runic scripts. The script was devised to provide a quick and easy script to write messages and texts. The script has been used since then. The script is written on dried palm-leaves (Ola-leaves), carved into soft-bark, woven into linen and written on rice-paper.

The script is composed of 46 symbols; 18 vowels and 28 consonants. The script has no punctuation-marks.

Notable features

Vulpic Runescript alphabet

Vulpic Runescript

Sample text

Sample text in Vulpic Runescript


Raphél mai amékche zabì almi!

Transliteration (Hungarian)

Rabhely majd amelyek szabja állni!


It's a jail that forces you to stay here!

Scripts by C. S. De Silva (Ken D.)

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