Lao Māori (ລະໂ ມາໂຣິ)

The Lao Māori script is an adaptation of the Lao script for the Māori language. It was created by Alexander when he was doing research on writing systems around the world. At the time he was also researching Māori and when he first saw the Lao script he thought it would be perfect for Māori.

Lao Māori

Lao Māori


Download an alphabet chart for Lao Māori (Excel)

Sample text

ກໂ ຕເ ກະຕໂະ ໂ ງະ ຕະງະຕະ ຍ ຕເ ຝະນະໃງະຕະງະ ມະິ ເ ວະຕເະ ະນະ ຍ ງະ ຫເຣເ ກະຕໂະ; ເ ຕະໃຣິຕເຣິຕເ ະນະ ຫໂກິ ງະ ມະນະ ມເ ງະ ຕິກະ.ເ ຝະກະຝິຝິະ ະນະ ຫໂກິ ກິ ະ ຣະຕໂໃ ຕເ ງະກະໃ ຝະິ ຝະກາຣໂ ມເ ຕເ ຫິນເງະຣໂ ມໂຫິໂ ກິ ຕເ ຕິກະ ມເ ຕເ ຫເ, ະ ເ ຕິກະ ະນະ ກິະ ມເິງະ ຕເ ມະຫິ ະ ຕເຕະຫິ ກິ ຕເຕະຫິ ມເ ມະ ຣໂຕໂ ະຕໃ ຍ ຕເ ວະິຣໃະ ໂ ຕເ ນໂຫໂ ຕະຫິ,ະນໂ ຫເ ຕເິນະ ຫເ ຕໃະກະນະ ຍ ຣິງະ ຍ ຕເ ຝະກາຣໂ ກໂຕະຫິ.

Standard Māori version

Ko te katoa o nga tangata i te whanaungatanga mai e watea ana i nga here katoa; e tauriterite ana hoki nga mana me nga tika. E whakawhiwhia ana hoki ki a ratou te ngakau whai whakaaro me te hinengaro mohio ki te tika me te he, a e tika ana kia meinga te mahi a tetahi ki tetahi me ma roto atu i te wairua o te noho tahi, ano he teina he tuakana i ringa i te whakaaro kotahi.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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