Colour words in Romanian

Words for colours in Romanian with notes and colour-related expressions.

black negru - black, sad, bad, dark


  • cafea neagră - black coffee
  • polei - black ice
  • coacăz negru - blackcurrent
  • umor negru - black humour
  • negru ca noaptea - black as night
  • a fi negru de furie - to be very furious
  • păr negru - dark hir

white alb - white, clean, blank, pale


  • carne albă - white meat
  • pâine albă - white bread
  • alb și negru - black and white
  • a fi alb ca foaia/creta - to be as white as chalk/ sheet
  • camera este curată lună - the room is clean
  • a lăsa spațiu alb - to leave (sth) blank
  • cec în alb - blank cheque

red roșu - red, red-haired


  • roșu deschis - bright red
  • măr roșu - red apple
  • floare roșie - red flower
  • lumină roșie - red light
  • femeie cu păr roșu - red-haired woman

yellow galben - yellow


  • soare galben - yellow sun

blue albastru - blue
azuriu - azure, cerulean

Shades and expressions

  • bleomarin - dark blue
  • cer albastru - blue sky

green verde - green


  • pajiște verde - green lawn
  • carte verde - green book
  • salată verde - green salad
  • ceapă verde - spring onion

brown maro - brown, maroon, tan
arămiu - brown, copper-coloured, auburn
bej - beige, buff


  • creion maro - brown pen
  • frunze arămii - copper-coloured leaves

pink roz - pink, rosy, rose, purple, pinkish


  • păpușă roz - pink doll

orange portocaliu - orange
oranj = orange


  • flori portocalii - orange flowers
  • portocală - orange (fruit)

grey gri - grey, silver, grayish


  • zonă gri - grey area
  • casă la gri- unfinished house

purple mov- purple
purpuriu - purple
violet - purple


  • ghiveci purpuriu - purple receptacle
  • radieră mov - purple eraser
  • carte violet - violet book

Other colour-related words

  • culoare, culoarea - colour
  • colorat, pitoresc, plina de culoare - colourful
  • deschis - bright
  • fluorescent - phosphorescent
  • pal, palid - pale
  • intens - intense

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