Colour words in Lombard

Words for colours in Lombard, a Romance language spoken mainly in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.

black négher - black (colour, also used for hair and eyes)


white bianch = white (colour, also used for hair)


red ros - red (colour, also used for ginger hair)


yellow zald - yellow (colour, also used for blond hair)


blue blö - blue (colour, also used for eyes)

  • blö ciar - light blue
  • celest - baby blue


green verd - green (colours, also used for eyes)

  • verd ciar - light green
  • verd aqua - turquoise green

brown marú / maron - brown (colour, also used for hair and eyes)


pink roza - pink


orange aranciú - orange

  • portogal is an old name for the orange fruit, and used to be used for the colour


grey gris - grey (colour, also used for grey/white hair)


purple viola - purple


gold d'or, dorat - gold


silver arzent - silver


bronze bronz - bronze


Details of Lombard colours by Michael Dallera

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