Numbers in Piedmontese

How to count in Piedmontese (piemontèis), a Romance language spoken mainly in the northeast of Italy. These numbers are in the Alta Langa dialect of Piedmontese.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 zeru  
1 ün (m), üna (f) prüm
2 dùi (m), dùe (f) secund, scund
3 trai (m), trè (f) terẑ
4 quàtr quàrt
5 ẑinch quint
6 ses sest
7 sèt sètim
8 eut utàv
9 neuv ch’u fà neuv
10 des dècim
11 ùndes, unz ch’u fà ùndes (m)
ch’a fà ùndes (f)
12 dùdes, duz ch’u fà dùdes (m)
ch’a fà dùdes (f)
13 tërdes, tërz ch’u fà tërdes (m)
ch’a fà tërdes (f) etc.
14 quatordes, quatorz ch’u fà quatordes
15 quìndes, quinz ch’u fà quìndes
16 sëddes, sëdz ch’u fà sëddes
17 dissèt ch’u fà dissèt
18 disdeut ch’u fà disdeut
19 disneuv ch’u fà disneuv
20 vint  
30 tranta  
40 quaranta  
50 ẑinquanta  
60 sessanta  
70 stanta  
80 utanta  
90 nuvanta  
100 ẑaint centèsim
200 dusaint  
300 tërsaint  
400 quatẑaint  
500 ẑinẑaint  
600 sesẑaint  
700 setẑaint  
800 eutẑaint  
900 neuvẑaint  
1,000 mila milèsim
1,100 mileẑaint  
1,200 miledusaint  
1,300 miletërsaint  
1,400 milequàtẑaint  
1,500 mileẑinẑaint  
1,550 mileẑinẑaint e ẑinquanta  
1,600 milesesẑaint  
1,700 milesetẑaint  
1,800 mileutẑaint  
1,900 mileneuvẑaint  
2,000 duimila  
3,000 traimila  
4,000 quatrmila  
5,000 ẑinchmila  
6,000 sesmila  
7,000 setmila  
8,000 eutmila  
9,000 neuvmila  
10,000 desmila  
100,000 ẑaintmila  
1,000,000 miliun  
1,000,000,000 miliard  

Source: Giamello Giacomo. La lingua dell'Alta Langa. Storia, grammatica, racconti, filastrocche, preghiere, proverbi, modi di dire, canzoni e curiosità dell'Alta Langa, 2007.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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