Numbers in Sardinian

How to count in the Campidanese dialect of Sardinian (sardu campidanesu), a variety of Sardinian spoken in southern Sardinia.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 unu
2 duus
3 tres
4 cuatru, cuaturu, batoru
5 cincu, chimbi
6 ses
7 seti
8 otu
9 noi
10 dexi, degi
11 undixi, undigi
12 do(i)xi, doigi
13 tre(i)xi, treigi
14 catordixi, cuatordigi
15 cuindixi, cuindigi
16 se(i)xi, seigi
17 dexaseti, degiseti
18 dex(i)otu, degiotu
19 dexannoi, deginnoi
20 binti
21 bintunu
22 bintiduus
30 trinta
40 cuaranta, coranta
50 cincuanta
60 sessanta
70 setanta
80 otanta
90 noranta
100 centu
101 centu e unu
102 centu e duus
200 duxentus, dugentus
300 trexentus, tregentus
400 cuatruxentus, cuatrugentus
500 cincuxentus, cincugentus
600 sexentus, seigentus
700 setixentus, setigentus
800 otuxentus, otugentus
900 noixentus, noigentus
1.000 milli
2.000 duamilla
3.000 tremilla
4.000 cuatrumilla
5.000 cincumilla
6.000 seimilla
7.000 setimilla
8.000 otumilla
9.000 noimilla
10.000 deximilla, degimilla
1.000.000 unu milioni

Information about counting in Campidanese Sardinian

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