Numbers in Sardinian

How to count in the Logudorese dialect of Sardinian (sardu logudoresu), a variety of Sardinian spoken in northern Sardinia.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal
1 unu
2 duos
3 tres
4 battor
5 chimbe
6 ses
7 sete
8 otto
9 noe, nove
10 deghe, deche
11 undighi, undichi
12 doighi, doichi, dodichi, dochi, doghi
13 treighi, treichi, tredichi, trechi, treghi
14 battordighi, battordichi
15 bindighi, bindichi
16 seighi, seichi, sedichi, sechi, seghi
17 deghesete, dechesette
18 degheoto, decheotto
19 deghennoe, dechennove, deghennove
20 binti, vinti
21 bintunu
22 bintiduos
30 trinta
40 baranta
50 chimbanta
60 sessanta
70 setanta
80 otanta
90 noranta, novanta
100 chentu
101 chentu e unu
102 chentu e duos
200 dughentos, duchentos, duoschentos
300 treghentos, trechentos, treschentos
400 batorchentos, battoschentos
500 chimbeghentos, chimbechentos, chimbichentos
600 seighentos, seichentos, seschentos
700 setteghentos, settechentos, settichentos
800 ottoghentos, ottochentos, ottichentos
900 noeghentos, novichentos
1.000 milli
2.000 duamiza
3.000 tremiza
4.000 batomiza, batormiza
5.000 chimbemiza
6.000 seimiza
7.000 settemiza
8.000 ottomiza
9.000 noemiza, novemiza
10.000 deghemiza, dechemiza
1.000.000 unu milione

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Information about counting in Logudorese Sardinian

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