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Irula (இருளா)

Irula is a Southern Dravidian language spoken mainly in the Nilgiri mountains in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in southern India. According to the 2011 census, there are 11,870 speakers of Irula.

Irula is also known as Erukala, Irava, Irulan, Irular, Irular Mozhi, Irulavan, Iruliga, Iruligar, Kad Chensu or Korava.

Irula was first described and classified 1955 by Kamil Zvelebil, a specialist in the languages of India. The language has a lot in common with Tamil, especially Old Tamil, with some features from Kannada. It used to be thought of as a mixture of Tamil and Kannada.

Irula alphabet

Irula is written with the Tamil alphabet in Tamil Nadu, and with the Malayalam alphabet in Kerala.

Irula alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Irula (Excel spreadsheet)

Sample text in Irula

Sample text in Irula

Source: https://www.unicode.org/L2/L2015/15256-tamil-nukta.pdf

Sample videos in Irula


Information about Irula

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