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Meroïtic alphabet

The Meroïtic alphabet was derived from ancient Egyptian writing sometime during the 4th century BC in around 315 BC. A cursive form developed in 185 BC and the alphabet was used until about 440 AD. The alphabet was deciphered by the British Egyptologist Francis Llewellyn Griffith in 1909.

Notable features

Used to write:

Meroïtic, an extinct language that was spoken in the Nile valley and northern Sudan until about the 4th century AD, after which time it was gradually replaced with Nubian. Linguists are unsure about how Meroïtic is related to other languages and have therefore been unable to make any sense of the Meroïtic inscriptions.

Meroïtic alphabet

Sample text

Sample text in Meroïtic

Text from Lost Languages by Andrew Robinson, and regularized by Ian James

Details of how Meroïtic was deciphered


Information about the Meroïtic alphabet

Free Meroïtic font

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