Family words in Estonian

Words for family members and other relatives in Estonian (eesti keel), a Finnic language spoken mainly in Estonia.

English Estonian (eesti keel)
family perekond
parents vanemad
father isa
mother ema
child laps
children lapsed
son poeg
daughter tütar
husband abikaasa
wife abikaasa
brother vend
sister õde
uncle onu
aunt tädi
cousin (m) tädipoeg / onupoeg
cousin (f) täditütar, onutütar
nephew õepoeg, vennapoeg
niece õetütar, vennatütar
grandparents vanavanemad
grandfather vanaisa
grandmother vanaema
grandchildren lapselapsed
grandson lapselaps
granddaughter lapselaps
father-in-law äi, meheisa, naiseisa
mother-in-law ämm, meheema
brother-in-law naisevend
sister-in-law venna naine


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