Numbers in Satawalese

How to count in Satawalese, a Micronesian language spoken mainly on Satawal Island in the Federated States of Micronesia.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 eot (f), eota (s), ew (g) aeewan
2 riuw (f), riuwa (s), ruouw (g) oaruwouwan
3 eon (f), eoniu (s), eniuw (g) aeinuwan
4 faen (f), faeni (s), fauw (g) afawuan
5 nim (f), nima (s), nimouw (g) aenimowuan
6 on (f), wona (s), onouw (g) oawonowuan
7 fius (f), fiusa (s), fisuw (g) aefisuwan
8 wan (f), waani (s), wanuw (g) awanuwan
9 tiw (f), tiwa (s), tiwouw (g) aetiwowuan
10 seik, seig aeseiigan
11 seik me ew
12 seik me ruouw
13 seik me eniuw
14 seik me fauw
15 seik me nimouw
16 seik me onouw
17 seik me fisuw
18 seik me wanuw
19 seik me tiwouw
20 riuweig aeriuweiigan
21 riuweig me ew
22 riuweig me ruouw
23 riuweig me eniuw
24 riuweig me fauw
25 riuweig me nimouw
26 riuweig me onouw
27 riuweig me fisuw
28 riuweig me wanuw
29 riuweig me tiwouw
30 enig aeeniigan
40 faeig aefaeiigan
50 nimeig aenimeiigan
60 oneig oawoneiigan
65 oneig me nimou
70 fisig aefisiigan
80 wanig awaniigan
89 waneg me tiwou
90 tiweig aetiweiigan
100 epwiugiuw aepwiugiuw
200 riuwapwiugiuw
299 riuwapwiugiuw me tiweig me tiwou
300 eoniuwiugiuw
400 fapwiugiuw
500 nimapwiugiuw
584 nimapwiugiuw me wanig me fau
600 onapwiugiuw
700 fiusiupwiugiuw
800 wanipwiugiuw
900 tiwapwiugiuw
1,000 saengeras
2,000 riungeras
3,000 eoniugeras
4,000 faengeras
5,000 nimengeras
6,000 onengeras
7,000 fiusiuengeras
8,000 wangeras
9,000 tiwengeras
10,000 seik saengeras
20,000 riuweig saengeras
30,000 enig saengeras
40,000 faeig saengeras
50,000 nimeig saengeras
60,000 woneig saengeras
70,000 fisig saengeras
80,000 wanig saengeras
90,000 tiweig saengeras
100,000 epwiuwgiuw saengeras
200,000 riuwapwiugiuw saengeras
300,000 eniupwiugiuw saengeras
400,000 fapwiugiuw saengeras
500,000 nimapwiugiuw saengeras
600,000 onapwiugiuw saengeras
700,000 fiusiupwiugiuw saengeras
800,000 wanipwiugiuw saengeras
900,00 tiwapwiugiuw saengeras
1,000,000 ssen
2,000,000 riu ssen
3,000,000 eoniu ssen
4,000,00 fa ssen
5,000,000 nim ssen
6,000,000 won ssen
7,000,000 fiusiu ssen
8,000,000 wani ssen
9,000,000 tiwou ssen
10,000,000 seig ssen
20,000,000 riuweig ssen
30,000,000 enig ssen
40,000,000 faeig ssen
50,000,000 nimeig ssen
60,000,000 woneig ssen
70,000,000 fisig ssen
80,000,000 wanig ssen
90,000,000 tiwou ssen
100,000,000 epwiugiuw ssen
200,000,000 riuwapwiugiuw ssen
300,000,000 eoniupwiugiuw ssen
400,000,000 fapwiugiuw ssen
500,000,000 nimapwiugiuw ssen
600,000,000 onapwiugiuw ssen
700,000,000 fiusiupwiugiuw ssen
800,000,000 wanipwiugiuw ssen
900,000,000 tiwapwiugiuw ssen
1,000,000,000 engeras ssen

(f) = fast, (s) = slow, (g) = general


Source: Kevin M. Roddy. A Sketch Grammar of Satawalese, The Language Of Satawal Island, Yap State, Micronesia, 2007.

Satawalese numbers supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl

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