Numbers in Woleaian

How to count in Woleaian, a Micronesian language spoken mainly on the island of Woleai in Yap State in Micronesia.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 se-, semal
2 riuwa-, riuwemal
3 seli-. selimel
4 faa-, faamal
5 lima-, limemal, limmal
6 wolo-, wolomal
7 fisi-, fisimel
8 wali-, walimel
9 tiwa-, tiwamal
10 seig
11 seig me semal
12 seig me riuwemal
13 seig me selimel
14 seig me faamal
15 seig me limmal, seig me limemal
16 seig me wolomal
17 seig me fisimel
18 seig me walimel
19 seig me tiwemal
20 riuweg
21 riuweg me semal
22 riuweg me riuwemal
23 riuweg me selimel
24 riuweg me faamal
25 riuweg me limmal, riuweg me limemal
26 riuweg me wolomal
27 riuweg me fisimel
28 riuweg me walimel
29 riuweg me tiwemal
30 seliig
40 faaig
50 limeig
60 woloig
70 fisiig
80 waliig
90 tiweig
100 sebiugiuw
101 sebiugiuw me semal
200 riuwebiugiuw
300 selibiugiuw
400 faabiugiuw
500 limebiugiuw
600 wolobiugiuw
700 fisibiugiuw
800 walibiugiuw
900 tiwebiugiuw
1,000 sangeras
2,000 riuwengeras
3,000 selingeras
4,000 faangeras
5,000 limengeras
6,000 wolongeras
7,000 fisingeras
8,000 walingeras
9,000 tiwengeras
10,000 sen
20,000 riuwan
30,000 selin
40,000 faan
50,000 liman
60,000 wolon
70,000 fisin
80,000 walin
90,000 tiwan
100,000 selob
200,000 riuwalob
300,000 selilob
400,000 faalob
500,000 limalob
600,000 wololob
700,000 fisilob
800,000 walilob
900,00 tiwalob
1,000,000 sepiy
10,000,000 sengit
100,000,000 sangerai


Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Woleaian numbers

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