Numbers in Puluwatese

How to count in Puluwatese, a Micronesian language spoken mainly in Chuuk State in Micronesia.

For numbers from 1-9, various suffixes are used when counting different kinds of objects, animate things, or counting in general. The following abbreviations are used below: S = sequential numbers, G = general numbers, A = animate, L = long objects, R = round objects, F = flat objects. More details.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 yéét (S)
yeew (G)
yálááray, yeráy (A)
yefay (R)
yeréé (F)
2 ŕúúw (S)
ŕuwoow (G)
ŕuweray (A)
ŕuwefór, yakkélááŕuwefór (L)
ŕuwefay (R)
ŕuwaréé (F)
3 yéél (S)
yeluuw (G)
yelúray (A)
yélufór (L)
yelúfay (R) yelúréé (F)
4 fáán (S)
foow, ŕuwanú (G)
faray (A)
féfór, ffór, fóór, ŕuwefór (L)
faafay (R)
faaréé (F)
5 liim (S)
limoow (G)
limman (A)
liffór (L)
liffay, limefay (R)
limaaréé (F)
6 woon (S)
wonoow (G)
wonoman (A)
wonofór (L)
wonofay (R)
wonaaréé (F)
7 fúús (S)
féhuuw (G)
fúúman (A)
fúúfór (L)
fúúfay (R)
fúuréé (F)
8 waal (S)
waluuw (G)
walúman (A)
walefór (L)
walufay (R)
walúréé (F)
9 ttiw (S)
ttiwoow (G)
ttiwaman (A)
ttiwafór (L)
ttiwafay (R)
ttiwaaŕéé (F)
10 heey, heeyik, yengool yaheeyikan
11 heeyik me yeew
12 heeyik me ŕuwoow
13 heeyik me yeluuw
14 heeyik me ŕuwanú
15 heeyik me limoow
16 heeyik me wonoow
17 heeyik me féhuuw
18 heeyik me waluuw
19 heeyik me ttiwoow
20 ŕuuwe
21 ŕuuwe me yeew
22 ŕuuwe me ŕuwoow
23 ŕuuwe me yeluuw
24 ŕuuwe me ŕuwanú
25 ŕuuwe me limoow
26 ŕuuwe me wonoow
27 ŕuuwe me féhuuw
28 ŕuuwe me waluuw
29 ŕuuwe me ttiwow
30 yellik
40 fááyik
50 lime
60 wone
70 flik
80 waliik
90 ttiwe
100 yepwúkúw
200 ŕuwapwúkúw
300 yelúpwúkúw
400 fapwúkúw
500 limapwúkúw
600 wonapwúkúw
700 fúúpwúkúw
800 walupwúkúw
900 ttiwapwúkúw
1,000 yengeŕay
2,000 ŕuwangeŕay
3,000 yelingeŕay
4,000 fangeŕay
5,000 limangeŕay
6,000 wonangeŕay
7,000 fúúngeŕay
8,000 walingeŕay
9,000 ttiwangeŕay
10,000 kkit
100,000 heeyik kkit
yepwúkúw engeŕay
once fán eew


Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

Information about Puluwatese numbers

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