Puluwatese is a Micronesian language spoken mainly in Chuuk State in the Federated States of Micronesia on the islands of Poluwat, Pollap, Pulusuk and Tamtam. In 2002 there were about 1,500 speakers of Puluwatese, which is also known as Puluwat.

Puluwatese alphabet and pronunciation

Puluwatese alphabet and pronunciation


Long vowels and long consonants are indicated by doubling.

Download an alphabet chart for Puluwatese (Excel)

Sample text

Noonooló yeew fámiliy áán Ppalúwelap wóón, Polowat. Ya a noo, liyewe ya a nawúnilŕ ŕuweray mwáán, yitán eray Ŕongolap, yitán eray Rongrik. Ŕa a noono llón, wutt owe wutteeŕ. Yiwe, ŕa a ló, faley efór waa pwe waaŕ. Faley faley mélleló. Ŕa a yengay pway ló faley faley efór. Ŕa a pwal faley faley, mélleló.


The navigator PpaluweIap (Great Navigator) is treated well by his younger son Rongo-rik (Obedienae) but ill-treated by the older son, Rongo-Iap (Di sobedienae). He therefore does not instruct Rongo-Iap well in navigation.

Source: Elbert, S.H. Three Legends of Puluwat and a Bit of Talk

Sample videos in Puluwatese

Information about Puluwatese | Numbers


Information about Puluwatese

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