Tobian (ramarih Hatohobei)

Tobian is a Micronesian language spoken in the Hatohobei (Tobi) and Koroi states in Palau by about 150 people. In particular it is spoken on the island of Tobi (Torovei) in Hatohobei State, and also on Koro Island in Koror State.

Tobian is also known as Hatohobei or Tobi. It is closely related to Sonsorolese.

There are several different ways to write Tobian with the Latin alphabet.

Tobian alphabet and pronunciation

Tobian alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Tobian (Excel)

Sample text

Etai sahah tepamu
Meheouhemi nohar
Etai fisiri hiheyar
Ngatai manariuor
Taifiti baotaparar
Taimangau reni soubue
Etai saso tsanih

You don't enjoy your life
The ocean is shining and calm
You were never the "hiyahe" bird
Nor any sea bird
There is no smell on your fingers, the smell of the sea birds
You don't get food from seriyout
You don't enjoy the taste of fish


Video in Tobian

Information about Tobian | Numbers


Information about the Tobian language

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