Numbers in Kiribati (taetae ni Kiribati)

How to count in Kiribati, a Micronesian language spoken on Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands), and a number of other Pacific islands.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 akea (lit. "nothing")  
1 teuana te moa
2 uoua te kauoua 1)
3 tenua te katenua
4 aua te kaua
5 nimaua te kanimaua
6 onoua te kaonoua
7 itua te kaitua
8 wanua te kawanua
9 ruaiua, raiwa te karuaiua
10 tebwina te katebwina
11 tebwi ma teuana te katebwi ma teuana
12 tebwi ma uoua te katebwi ma uoua
13 tebwi ma tenua te katebwi ma tenua
14 tebwi ma aua te katebwi ma aua
15 tebwi ma nimaua te katebwi ma nimaua
16 tebwi ma onoua te katebwi ma onoua
17 tebwi ma itua te katebwi ma itua
18 tebwi ma wanua te katebwi ma wanua
19 tebwi ma ruaiwa te ka tebwi ma ruaiwa
20 uabwi te kauabwi
21 uabwi ma teuana  
22 uabwi ma uoua  
23 uabwi ma tenua  
24 uabwi ma aua  
25 uabwi ma nimaua  
26 uabwi ma onoua  
27 uabwi ma itua  
28 uabwi ma wanua  
29 uabwi ma ruaiwa  
30 tenibwi  
40 abwi  
50 nimabwi  
60 onobwi  
70 itibwi  
80 wanibwi  
90 ruabwi  
100 tebubua  
200 uabubua  
300 tenibubua  
400 abubua  
500 nimabubua  
501 nimabubua ao teuana  
600 onobubua  
700 itibubua  
800 wanibubua  
900 ruabubua  
1,000 teuana tengaa, te-ngaa, tengaa  
2,000 uoua tengaa, uangaa  
3,000 teniua tengaa, teningaa  
4,000 aua tengaa  
5,000 nimaua tengaa  
6,000 onoua tengaa  
7,000 itua tengaa  
8,000 wanua tengaa  
9,000 ruaiwa tengaa  
10,000 tebwina tengaa  
100,000 tebubua tengaa  
200,000 uabubua tengaa  
300,000 tenibubua tengaa  
400,000 abubua tengaa  
500,000 nimabubua tengaa  
600,000 onobubua tengaa  
700,000 itibubua tengaa  
800,000 wanibubua tengaa  
900,000 ruabubua tengaa  
1,000,000 te mirion, teuana te mirion  
one billion te birian  
1/2 itera  
2/3 uoua te katenim'akoro  
3/4 teniua te kaam'akoro  
4/5 aua te kanimam'akoro  


  • The ordinal numbers are formed by prefixing te ka- to the cardinal numbers (except for “first” te moa).

For numbers of 1,000 and higher there is an old system of counting which has mostly been replaced by one more similar to the Western style.

In the old system the numeral prefixes are used with the forms for 1,000, 10,000 and further multiples of ten on up to a billion, for which there seems to be no older form

Numeral Cardinal
1,000 te ngaa
2,000 uangaa
5,555 nimangaa nimabubua nimabwi ma nimaua
10,000 te rebu
10,666 te rebu onobubua onobwi ma onoua
20,777 uarebu itibubua itibwi ma itua
100,000 te kuri
200,001 uakuri ao teuana
651,000 onokuri nimarebu tengaa
1,000,000 te ea
9,742,000 ruaea itikuri arebu uangaa
10,000,000 te tano
52,000,000 nimatano uaea
100,000,000 te taki
946,834,000 ruataki atano onoea wanikuri tenrebu angaa

Kiribati numbers supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl

Source: Te taetae ni Kiribati. The Language of Kiribati. Grammar Handbook, 2010.

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