Numbers in Carolinian

How to count in Carolinian (Refalúwasch), a Micronesian language spoken in the Northern Mariana Islands. Some of numbers are in Tanapag, which is either considered a variety of Carolinian, or a separate language. Tanapag is spoken by about 10 people on Saipan island, and is also known as Northern Carolinian or Talaabwogh.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 se-, eet aeschayúl
2 ruwa-, rúúw aarúúschayúl
aruurhayún (T)
3 ele-, ili- (T), eel aileschayúl
ailirhayú (T)
4 faa-, fáál, faamal afaamalúl
afaamanún (T)
5 lima-, liim, limmal alimmalul
alimmanún (T)
6 olo-, ool, oon (T), olomal aolomalúl
aonomanún (T)
7 fisú-, fiis, fisimal afisimalúl
afisimanún (T)
8 walú-, waal, walúmal awalúmalúl
awalimanún (T)
9 tiwa-, tiiw, tiwmal atiwamalúl
ariwmanún (T)
10 seigh
11 seigh me eew
12 seigh me ruwoow
13 seigh me elluw
14 seigh me faaw
15 seigh me limoow
16 seigh me onoow
17 seigh me fisuuw
18 seigh me waluuw
19 seigh me tiwoow
20 ruweigh aruweighal
21 ruweigh me eew
22 ruweigh me ruwoow
23 ruweigh me elluw
24 ruweigh me faaw
25 ruweigh me limoow
26 ruweigh me onoow
27 ruweigh me fisuuw
28 ruweigh me waluuw
29 ruweigh me tiwoow
30 eliigh
40 fááig
faig (T)
50 limeigh
limeig (T)
60 oleigh
70 fisiigh
80 waliigh
90 tiweigh
100 ebwúghúw
200 ruwabwúghúw
300 elébwúghúw
400 faabwúghúw
500 limabwúghú
limabwúgú (T)
600 olobwúghúw
700 fisabwúghúw
800 walabwúghúw
900 tiwabwúghúw
1,000 sangaras
2,000 ruwangaras
3,000 elengaras
4,000 faangaras
5,000 limangaras
6,000 olongaras
7,000 fisangaras
8,000 walengaras
9,000 tiwangaras
10,000 eghit
20,000 ruwaghit
30,000 eleghit
40,000 fáághit
50,000 limeghit
60,000 oleghit
70,000 fisighit
80,000 walaghit
90,000 tiweghit
100,000 -púngút*



Frederick H. Jackson & Jeffrey C. Marck. CAROLINIAN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. University of Hawaii Press. Honolulu. 20 May 2019.

Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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