Monguor (Dēd Mongol)

Monguor is a Mongolic language spoken in Qinghai and Gansu Provinces in the northeastern China. According to the 2000 census, there are about 152,000 speakers of Monguor, which is also known as Mongour, Mongor or Tu. There are two dialects of Monguor: Huzhu (Mongghul) and Minhe (Mangghuer). Huzhu is spoken in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County in Qinghai, and Minhe is spoken in Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County in Qinghai. There is little mutually intelligibility between the dialects.

Monguor is written with an alphabet based on pinyin.

Monguor alphabet

Monguor alphabet

Monguor pronunciation

Monguor pronunciation


Download an alphabet chart for Monguor (Excel)

Sample text in Monguor (Huzhu Mongghul)

Ne ndahgini ayiliwa. Budahgini ayili ghualigi turua yii. Te ghoori ulani jiuraniwa. Hawurishdi ndani ayili hudi saighannii. Buudi hudi nughuunna. Xjuusihgi yiiguala nughuungi laxja. Ndani ayilidi hujinduluun qinsang yii. Qinsang yiiguala Mongghulwa.

Sample text in Monguor (Minhe Mangghuer)

Ni dasi ni yimegh bang. Dasini yimegh ghuergedu bang. Ghuer wula jiura bang. Nazher kuersa dasini yimegh hudu zaihang bang. Beghesi hudu nuoghuang bang. Beghesi yigua nughuorolang. Dansini yimeghdu sanshiqi jiazi ger bang. Yigua Mangghuer bang.


This is our village. Our village is in a valley. It's situated between two hills. Our village is very beautiful in spring. The wheat is very green then. The trees all have green leaves. There are 37 families in our village. All the families are Mongghul/Mangghuer.


Sample video in Monguor

Information about Monguor | Numbers


Information about the Monguor language

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