Aari (አፋን፡ኣሪ፡ / Áfan ārí)

Aari is a South Omotic language spoken in the North Omo zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' region of southern Ethiopia. In 2007 there were about 298,300 speakers of Aari, which is also known as Aarai, Ara, Ari or Aro.

Dialects of Aari inlcude Bako, Biyo, Laydo, Seyki, Shangama, Sido, Wubahamer and Zeddo. It is written with the Ethiopic script or the Latin alphabet, although few Aari speakers are literate in their language.

Ethiopic script for Aari

Ethiopic script for Aari


ኘ (ñ) and ዐ (‛) are only used in loanwords from Bench

Latin alphabet for Aari

Latin alphabet for Aari


Ny is only used in loanwords from Bench.

Download alphabet charts for Aari (Excel)
Details of the Aari alphabet (PDF) provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer)

ተ ዬተ ኮይን ምክስኬቴ, ርኬግር ዶቅዳብ ዎንት ባቤኖ ጨል ናሞሀንት ዴጸኒ. ባምሆንቴሬ ኮ ሃደኔ. ከዘሀንት ርኬግር ኮ ዎንምድምሽ ኮይኔሬ ፔጩዘን ኮ ዎንመኔ. ከነ ዎም ዝከሰድንደ እሥምነም ዎን እምከዮ. ቃቴሪ ዎም ደቀልስዴድንቴን ኔገኔ ዎ ጋድምሽ ደቀልስዎንተም ኔየኔ ዎን ጋከዮ. ዎም ጎሄርዕድንደ ጲጽ ዞኖንት ሃደይምሽ ዎም ዾይከዮ. ደቅል ሬይግረንኬፊ ዎም ደቅሸከዮ.


Ta yeta koyn mkskete, rkegr dok’dāb wont bābeno č’al nāmohant dec’ani. Bāmhontere ko hādane. Kazahant rkegr ko wonmdmš koynere peč’uzan ko wonmane. Kana wom zkasadnda šmnam won mkayo. K’āteri wom dak’alsdednten negane wo gādmš dak’alswontam neyane won gākayo. Wom goher‘dnda p’ic’ zonont hādaymš wom d’oykayo. Dak’l reygrankefi wom dak’šakayo.

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Video in Aari

Information about Aari | Numbers


Information about Aari

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