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The Koleg alphabet was created in the summer of 2018 by Danish conlanger Carl Avlund as a script for his conlang Kotekkish or Koteḳ. The name Koleg [kɔˈlɛχ] means "our writing", and Kotek [kɔˈtɛkʲʰ] means "our name/reputation/rumor". It is an alphabet in the sense that there are letters for consonants as well as vowels, but some consonant letters may also be read as vowels depending on their position in a word. It was developed from the Old Kotekkish logographic script. The Kotekkish language is spoken by a fictional Stone Age people called the Taks (Kotekkish tak) on the equally fictional island group of Kovāk.

Most of Koleg is straightforward, however a thing or two should be noted. Simple stop letters (pok, taj, koš, cin and tlav) – i.e. not "strong" (nedlom/nedlej/cineš) – are intervocalically and word-finally voiced. However, most long vowel letters, some diphthong letters, and all triphthong letters are "sharp" (šosom/šosej). This turns a following, simple stop letter voiceless instead of voiced, which it otherwise would have been given its position.

Notable features

Koleg script

Koleg alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Koleg (Excel)
Download an font for Koleg

Sample video in Kotekkish

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