Yūdu lipi (יֻוּדוּ לִפִי)

Yūdu lipi is an adaptation of the Hebrew script for Telugu developed by Isaac Mayer. The ancient Telugu-speaking Cochin Jewish community is linguistically unique among global Jewish communities for two reasons: it is the only Jewish community that traditionally spoke a Dravidian language, and it is the only Jewish community that traditionally used the native తెలుగు లిపి (Telugu lipi) script rather than an adaptation of the Hebrew abjad to write their language. Because of this, the Jewish dialects of Telugu have, up until recently, been considered to simply be non-standard Telugu rather than a specific distinct language.

Yūdu lipi is a Hebrew-based script to reinforce the distinction between standard and Judeo-Telugu. Also, since the majority of the Cochin Jewish community currently lives in Israel, Yūdu lipi is more accessible on Hebrew-language computer systems.

Yūdu lipi script

Yūdu lipi script

Download an alphabet chart for Yūdu lipi (Excel)

Sample text in the Yūdu lipi

פְרַתִפַתִ֘סְװַתְװַמֻלַה װִשַׂײַמֻנַה מַאנַװֻלֵ֘לַרֻנוּ זַנְמַתַהּ סְװַאתַםתְרֻלֻנוּ סַמַאנֻלֻנוּ נַגֻדֻרוּ׃ װַארוּ װִװֵיﬞדַנַאנְתַהּכַרַנַה סַםפַנ֘וּלַגֻטַקֵיﬞ פַרַסְפַרַמוּ בְּרַאתֶרﬞבַּװַמֻתוֹ װַרְתִםפַװַלַיֻנוּ׃

Sample text in the Telugu script

ప్రతిపత్తిస్వత్వముల విషయమున మానవులెల్లరును జన్మతః స్వతంత్రులును సమానులును నగుదురు. వారు వివేదనాంతఃకరణ సంపన్నులగుటచే పరస్పరము భ్రాతృభావముతో వర్తింపవలయును.

Transliteration in the Latin alphabet

Pratipattisvatvamula visyamuna mānavulellarunu janmataḥ svataṁtrulunu samānulunu naguduru. Vāru vivēdanāṁtaḥkaraṇa saṁpannulaguṭacaē parasparamu bhrātṛbhāvamutō vartiṁpavalayunu.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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