Ajalaptlajkuilolistli (أالابضأقىلولىسضى)

Ajalaptlajkuilolistli is way to write Nahuatl with the Arabic script devised by Isaac Mayer. It is based on a hypothetical scenario in which the Americas were colonized by Arabic speakers rather than Spanish speakers. The name Ajalaptlajkuilolistli combines Ajalap (Arab) and tlajkuilolistli (script / writing).

Notable features

Ajalaptlajkuilolistli script

Ajalaptlajkuilolistli script


Download an alphabet chart for Ajalaptlajkuilolistli (Excel)

Sample text in the Ajalaptlajkuilolistli

نجى ضاكامهٔ وْان سىوْامهٔ كىبىأ مانؤ قالى ضاكاتىسهٔ, نجى سان سه توضاتهجبووْىلتىلىس وْان تىضاتهبانىىالؤكهٔ, ىْهكا مونهكى قالى ما تىمووْىكاكأ, ما تىموىكنهلىكأ, ما تىموضاسؤضاكأ, وْان ما تىموضهبانىتاكأ.

Transliteration in the Latin alphabet

Nochi tlakamej uan siuamej kipiaj manoj kuali tlakatisej, nochi san se totlatechpouiltilis uan titlatepanitalojkej, yeka moneki kuali ma timouikakaj, ma timoiknelikaj, ma timotlasojtlakaj uan ma timotlepanitakaj.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

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Scripts by Isaac Mayer

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