Lipo Lipo (𖼖𖽡𖾑 𖼀𖽑𖽙)

Lipo is a member of the Loloish branch of the Lolo-Burmese language family. It is spoken in southern China, mainly in central Yunnan Province, and also in the southwest of Sichuan Province. In 2007 there were about 250,000 speakers of Lipo, which is also known as Eastern Lisu, Central Lisu, Dayao, Lolopo, Lolongo or 里泼.

Written Lipo

The Pollard (Miao) script for Lipo was devised in 1906 by Carl Goman, an American missionary. It was later improved in 1910 by George E. Metcalf (1879-1956), a British missionary. Metcalf also translated the New Testament into Lipo, which was published in 1951. The Pollard script is used mainly by Christian Lipo speakers, who make up the majority of the Lipo people.

The Pollard Script for Lipo Lipo (𖼖𖽡𖾑 𖼀𖽑𖽙 𖼺𖽪𖾑 𖼂𖽗𖾐)

The Pollard Script for Lipo

Download an alphabet chart for Lipo (Excel)

Sample text in Lipo

Sample text in Lipo


We are Lipo, especially God's servants. We are doing these things through God's mercy and Holy Spirit's power. Without calling we can do nothing, so we have nothing to boast, we are doing what we should do.

Information and sample text provided by Lim Tsi-khi

Sample video in Lipo

Information about Lipo | Tower of Babel


Information about Lipo彝语中部方言

Languages written with the Pollard (Miao) Script

A-Hmao, Lipo, Lisu

Lolo-Burmese languages

Burmese/Myanmar, Lahu, Lipo, Marma, Nuosu, Sani

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