A-Hmao (Ad Hmaob)

A-Hmao is a Hmong-Mien language spoken in Guizhou and Yunnan in southern China by about 300,000 people. A-Hmao speakers are found in in Zhaotong, Kunming, Qujing and Chuxiong Yi autonomous prefecture in the northeast of Yunnan Province. They also live in Weining Yi, Hui, and Miao autonomous county, Hezhang county, Liupanshui and Ziyun Miao and Buyi autonomous county in the west of Guizhou Province.

A-Hmao is also known as Large Flowery Miao, (大花苗 [Dàhuāmiáo] in Cinese), or Northeast Yunnan Miao (苗语滇东北方言 [Miáoyǔdiān dōngběi fāngyán] in Chinese).

A-Hmao has been written using Chinese characters in the past, and is currently written with the Pollard Script and the Latin alphabet. The former was devised in 1905 by Samuel Pollard (1864-1915), a British missionary, and is still used by older A-Hmao speakers. Youger A-Hmao tend to use a version of the Latin alphabet.

Pollard Script for A-Hmao

Pollard Script for A-Hmao

Latin alphabet for A-Hmao

Latin alphabet for A-Hmao

Download script charts for A-Hmao in Excel or PDF format

Details of A-Hmao scripts and pronunciation provided by Wolfram Siegel

Sample text

Sample text in A-Hmao in the Pollard Script

Source: http://syllabics.net/files/cree/two_related_indigenous_writing_systems.pdf

Sample video


Information about the A-Hmao language and the Pollard Script

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