She (Ho Ne)

She is a Hmong-Mien language spoken in Guangdong Province in southern China. There are about 910 speakers of She, out of a population of about 710,000. Most She people speak Hakka, Mandarin and/or Southern Min. The She language is only spoken by adults, and has borrowed many words from Chinese languages, especially Hakka.

There are two dialects of She: Luofu or Eastern She, and Lianhua or Western She. They are mutually intelligible. The Luofu (罗浮) dialect is spoken by about 580 people in Luofu Mountain District (罗浮山区), Boluo County (博罗县) and in Zengcheng District (增城区). The Lianhua (莲花) dialect is spoken by about 390 people in Lianhua Mountain District (莲花山区) in Haifeng County (海丰县).

The native name of the She language, and of the people who speak it, is Ho Ne [hɔ˦˦ ne˩˧] or Ho Nte, which means "mountain people". In Mandarin it is known as 畲語 (shēyǔ), and in Hakka it is 山客話 (san ha ue).

She alphabet and pronunciation

She alphabet and pronunciation

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