Dhuwal is part of the Yolŋu branch of the Pama-Nyungan language family. It is spoken along the Roper river in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia. In 2015 there were about 300 speakers of Dhuwal. As well as being spoken by the Dhuwal people, Dhuwal is also used as a second language by Dayi and Djinang people. The language is also known as Dual, Duala, Wulamba, Djambarrpuyngu; Djambarrpuyŋu or Yolngu.

Books are being published in Dhuwal, and it is being learned by children.

Dhuwal alphabet and pronunciation

Dhuwal alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

Mawuka dhuwal Dhuwa. Ga wiripu ŋayi yäku baṉbalarra, ḏuyŋa ga ḏuyŋambi. Barr'yundja ŋayi ŋuli nhanŋu wurrkiny' Miḏawarryu. Dhärra'-tharrany marrtji ŋayi ŋuli ḏiltjikurr, gaḏayka'mirriwurr ga wiripuny warraga'mirriwurr. Ga yuwalk bawalamirriŋur. Latju nhanŋu dhäkay, bäydhi ḏiku wo wiripuny bathanhamirr.


Mawuka is a Dhuwa yam. It's other names are baṉbalarra, ḏuyŋa and ḏuyŋambi. It flowers near the end of the wet season. It grows in open bushland of the stringybark eucalypts gaḏayka', or near the cycad palms warraga', or just about anywhere. The yam has a thick edible root about the size of a small carrot that can be eaten raw or cooked.

Source: http://www.mawuka.net/yol-dhuwal-331arra.html

Sample videos in Dhuwal


Information about Dhuwal

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