Bundjalung (Yugambeh-Bundjalung)

Bundjalung is member of the Pama-Nyungan group of Australian languages, and is spoken by about 200 people in the north east of New South Wales and the south east of Queensland in Australia.

There is a continuum of mutually intelligible Bundjalung dialects, including Yugumbir, Nganduwal, Minjangbal, Njangbal, Biriin, Baryulgil, Waalubal, Dinggabal, Wiyabal, Gidabal, Galibal and Wudjeebal. Some of these, particularly Yugambal, Githabul, Minjungbal, Ngara:ngwal and Bandjalang are classified as separate Bandjalangic languages by some linguists.

The Bundjalung people, who are also known as Bunjalung, Badjalang or Bandjalang, live in northern coastal areas of New South Wales in an area that includes the Bundjalung National Park and Mount Warning, which they call Wollumbin (rainmaker).

Bundjalung alphabet and pronunciation

Bundjalung alphabet and pronunciation


Download a chart for the Bundjalung alphabet (Excel).

Information about Bundjalung pronunciation (PDF) compiled by Wolfram Siegel

Sample videos in and about Bundjalung


Information about the Bundjalung language and people

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