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  1. I kept hearing the word “espera” so I wonder if it isn’t a language of Italian origin. The lilt of the language also makes me think thus. Also, I am not sure why but I don’t seem to be able to see the results of previous quizzes anymore. It used to be that I had to fill out my name and e-mail address which now appear automatically but I no longer see any answers.

  2. I hear something as “se kata spiti”, which I translate as “at home” ,or “in house” ,in Greek. Also “kanname” is audible , “we did it”.
    I also think it’s Greek but I don’t know the dialect.

  3. It is Greko, spoken in Calabria, the “toe” of Italy’s boot (Area Grecanica), Griko is spoken in Salento, the “heel” of Italy’s boot (Grecìa Salentina).

  4. Griko it’s called in Puglia, in Calabria it’s called grekanika. They are different dialects.

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