Best Tools to Use for a Professional Translation Project

by Niki Leiper

Translating a document is much more than just sitting down and using a pen and paper as you look through language dictionaries. You may know a bit of a language, but that doesn’t make you a professional translator. Knowing just a little of a language can almost be a hindrance. When looking to translate business or legal documents, look into several translation tools that will be useful.

One tool is to use a translator who works for a professional translation service or for him/herself. Take advantage of the different educational language programs are offered. Another tool, if you have only a sentence or two needing translation, is through your internet browser and their offered programs. A third way is to purchase translation software. Many different types of translation software on the market can help you with your translation project.

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Professional Translators and Education

The first tool is to hire a professional translation company. These companies do not rely on software or computer-based translation. They employ skilled and educated specialists in language fields who will help you avoid errors and language technologies.

You may also look for people who do what you do daily and speak the language you are translating. These professionals know your industry and what is involved, and they are a source of information and translation.

If you have the time, take advantage of courses offered in different languages. Connect with people in the country of the language you want to translate. They can help you with any issues you may be having in translating. Network with a community which translates or local professionally translation agency to help you network with others who understand what your job is and can help.

One sophisticated tool for translation work is called Text United. It is an easy to use translation and localization platforms and is a cloud-based platform for all your translating needs. It brings together in-house and outsourced professional translators. You can work with a team on projects while monitoring and editing translations. Text United features simple text translations for your website to complex software localizations.

Browser Programs

If you want just to translate a simple sentence or even a paragraph, all you need are a few strokes of the keyboard. You can find tools that will make translation easy. has software that will help you with translating. Their proprietary translation program is called Google Translate.

Google Translate works relatively well and is integrated with Google’s other products. Google Translator supports dozens of languages and has an auto-detection feature that takes the work out of figuring out which language you are reading. Google Translator is not perfect, it can’t translate complicated sentences and context, but it is an excellent free and web-accessible option.

Bing Translator is a Microsoft product that supports dozens of languages, has auto-detection built in, and can translate web pages or uploaded documents. Bing Translator also has the ability for users to vote on translations depending on their accuracy. Some bookmarklets help you use Bing Translator quickly in your browser. One neat feature of Bing Tanslator is the OCR and text-recognition features in its Windows Phone app. Just hold the app up to the unfamiliar text, and the app will translate it right there and post it on the screen.

Software Programs

If Google Translate or Bing Translation can’t help, move on to several shared programs like WordFisher, DejA? Vu, MTScrpt and many more. A very populator software program is TRADOS. Use Yamada Language Guide to find information about a particular language. Yamada comes with information on Chinook, Arabic, Swedish, Yiddish, and other distinct languages.

Software for translation is used by translators to speed up the translation process and increase the quality levels of the translation.

Software programs like WordLens that come from Quest Visual are good, and WordLens was recently acquired by Google. You can see some of WordLens’ features in Google Translate. WordLens allows you to hold your device up to an unfamiliar language and it translates it in your native language. When WordLens was first introduced in 2010, it was the first time anyone experienced instant translation. It only supports a few languages, but it’s free and works great.

Some of the best picks of translation software for 2019 includes Babylon 10 Premium Pro. The software program is highly accurate and has a low price is easy to use, and be purchased monthly.

Another relatively easy to use and budget wise software program is One Planet. Translation services are provided in legal, patent, financial and medical industries. One Planet software can translate in desktop publishing format.

Choose the best tools for your translating projects by doing research about the price, ease of use, and your needs. Professional translations services are great, software is convenient, and using your browser can help you translate your projects when you are in a hurry.


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