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  1. My guess is Altai: I think I heard the word “Altai” and I definitely heard Russian words, including “высокие горы” (“high mountains”) more than once.

  2. No clue! At first I thought it had some sort of French or Italian background and then it sounded almost Roumanian.

  3. I hear some Slavic phonetic and prosodic influence. But the frequency of front rounded vowels – and apparent vowel harmony – make me think it is either Turkic or Uralic. The main speaker seems to exhibit a lot of Slavic (i.e. Russian) characteristics but one of the main speakers utters a phrase that sounds distinctly Uralic to my ear (I know such things can often be deceptive…). I am going to take a guess at Mari.

  4. My guess is a Turkic language, spoken in the area of the former Soviet Union … possibly the Altay language (Altay Republic, Russian Federation).

  5. My guess is the Altai language. I speak Russian so I could understand whenever the woman broke into Russian. She keeps saying in Russian “The Altais are simply tall mountains.” The rest has that signature ‘Turkic’ sound of so many languages from that group, so I’m going with Altai 🙂

  6. I agree with Mut , Emanuel and Micah, it’s Altai. A woman repeats many times the word Altai. I’ve also heard the word Tuva. Both are Turkic langages of the same area. The vowel harmony is also audible. I know a very litle Russian and I’ve heard the word gora__mountain and Altai is an area of mountains.

  7. The answer is Altay (Алтай тили), a Turkic language spoken in the Altai republic and Altai Krai in the Russian Federation.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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