Wambaya is a Mirndi language spoken the Northern Territory of Australia, particularly in the Barkly Tablelands region in the north of the Northern Territory. According to the 2016 census, there are 61 speakers of Wambaya, however not all speak the language fluently. The language is also known as Umbaia, Wambaia, Wambaja, Wom-By-A, Wombya or Yumpia.

Wambaya alphabet and pronunciation

Wambaya alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Wambaya (Excel)

Sample text in Wambaya

Ngangaba yana gin najbi. Ngajbi ngurruba. Garngujimiji irrin mirra. Ilarrawulu gunyarna murlungunya gunyarna murluwajarna, wurlun mirra. Babagulanga. Gajurru wurlun. Bumbujardi wurlun jamba.


There's a fire burning. Let's go and have a look. There must be a big group (of people). Two eaglehawks, one with sight (and) another blind, are there. Two sisters. They're dancing. They're stirring up (clouds of) dust.

Source: Nordlinger, R. (1998). A grammar of Wambaya, Northern Territory (Australia). Canberra:Pacific Linguistics


Information about the Wambaya language

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