10 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. The first four seconds through me to Africa but then I heard the Romance. Kind of similar sounding to Italian although the unstressed vowels remind me of Portuguese.

  2. I would have to agree. Very Romance and I keep hearing “francese”. It does sound Portuguese with its vowels and also maybe a dialect of Italian?

  3. This language is Corsican. It is clearly intelligible to me. The speaker says the word corsu-phonetically closer to / gorsu / – Altogether it sounds like ‘Italian pronounced as if it were French’ . Of course it’s spoken on the island of Corsica .

  4. I add that the pronunciation of the Corsican is similar in some phonemes to French in the north because in the south it is mixed with-or resembles the Gallura and Sardinian sassarés. There are several dialects of the Corsican language. Hank is partly right to say that it can be an Italian dialect, as some linguists consider Corsican as part of the Tuscan.

  5. Simon: Can you identify this language? Do you know what it’s a snippet of?

    David: Of course I can. Of Corsican.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  6. That’s not a snippet. That’s “sni-PAY!” (Not Bucket. It’s “Bou-QUAY!”) Sorry. Also just couldn’t resist!

  7. @David, how much of the sample you understand as a Spanish speaker? All of it or just a part?
    Do you speak Catalan as well or only Castellano?

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