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Numbers in Proto-Indo-European

How to count in Proto-Indo-European, the reconstructed ancestor of many of the languages spoken in Europe, and parts of western and southern Asia.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 *Hoi-no- / *Hoi-wo- / *Hoi-k(ʷ)o- / *sem- / *óynos *pr̥h₃-
2 *d(u)wo- / *dwóh₁ e/i dytë
3 *trei- / *tri- / *tréyes *trit(ó)
4 *kʷetwor- / *kʷetur- / *kʷetwóres *kʷeturt(ó)
5 *penkʷe *penkʷet(ó)
6 *s(w)eḱs *s(w)eḱst(ó)
7 *septm̥ *septm̥t(ó)
8 *oḱtō / *oḱtou / *h₃eḱtō / *h₃eḱtou / *(h)oḱtṓw *oḱtōt(ó)
9 *(h₁)newn̥ *(h₁)newn̥t(ó)
10 *deḱm̥(t) *deḱm̥t(ó)
20 *wīḱm̥t-
30 *trīḱomt-  
40 *kʷetwr̥̄ḱomt-  
50 *penkʷēḱomt-  
60 *s(w)eḱsḱomt-  
70 septm̥̄ḱomt-  
80 *oḱtō(u)ḱomt-  
90 *(h₁)newn̥̄ḱomt-  
100 *ḱm̥tom  
1000 *ǵʰeslo- / *tusdḱomti  

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