Family words in Indonesian

Words for family members and other relatives in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), the lingua franca of Indonesia and a close relation of Malay..

Key to abbreviations: vfrm = very formal, frm = formal, inf = informal

  Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)
family keluarga
relatives relatip, nisbi, sehubungan
parents ibu-bapa
father ayahanda (vfrm), ayah (frm), bapak, pak (inf)
mother ibunda (vfrm), bunda (frm), ibu (inf)
child(-ren) anak, bani
son putra
daughter putri
spouse pasangan hidup, isteri, suami
husband suami, suamiku
wife istri, istriku
sibling saudara kandung
brother abang, bang, bung, kakak, kak (older)
adik laki-laki (younger)
sister adik, kakak, kak (older)
adik perempuan (younger)
uncle paman
aunt bibi
cousin saudara sepupu, sepupu
nephew, niece keponakan
nephew kemenakan laki-laki
keponakan laki-lak
niece kemenakan perempuan
keponakan perempuan
grandfather kakek, buyut
grandmother nenek
grandchild cucu (both genders)
grandson cucu lelaki, cucunya
granddaughter cucu perempuan
father-in-law mertua, ayah mertua
mother-in-law mertua, ibu mertua
brother-in-law saudara ipar
sister-in-law saudara perempuan

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