Family words in Javanese

Words for family members and other relatives in Javanese.

  Javanese (baṣa Jawa)
family kulåwargå
male lanang
female wadôn / wédhok
sibling / relative sedulur
cousin sedulur misan
cousin of same grand grandparent sedulur mindho
great great great great great great grandparent grepak sénthé
great great great great great grandparent gantung siwur
great great great great grandparent udheg-udheg
great great great grand grandparent waréng
great great grandparent simbah canggah
great grandparent simbah buyut
grandparent simbah/émbah/mbah/éyang
grandparent older brother/sister simbah raka
grandparent younger brother/sister simbah rayi
grandfather simbah kakung / éyang kakung
grandmother simbah putri / éyang putri
parent wong tuwå / tiyang sepuh
husband or wife (spouse) garwa / bojo
father bapak / råmå / båpå
mother ibu / biyung / simbôk / emak / sibu
child anak
son putrå
daughter putri
1st child pembarep
2nd child panggulu
middle children pandhådhå
2nd from bottom child sumèndhi
bottom child wuragil / ragil /waruju
grandchildren putu / wayah
grandson putu lanang
granddaughter putu wadôn
grand grandchildren buyut
older brother kangmas / kakang / mas / raka
younger brother adhi lanang / adik lanang / adhimas / dhimas / rayi
older sister mbakyu / mbak ayu / mbak / raka
younger sister adik wadon / adhi wadon / dhiajeng / rayi
older uncle pakdhé / bapak gedhé / siwa lanang
younger uncle paklik / bapak cilik
older aunt budhé / ibu gedhé / makdhé / emak gedhé / siwa wadon
younger aunt bulik / ibu cilik
nephew keponakan lanang
niece keponakan wadôn
adopted child anak pupôn
step father bapak kuwalôn
step mother ibu kuwalôn
step children anak kuwalôn
parent-in-law måråtuwå
father-in-law bapak måråtuwå
mother-in-law ibu måråtuwå
son / daughter-in-law mantu
relation between parent and parent-in-law bésan
brother / sister-in-law ipe
brother/sister of brother/sister-in-law pripéan

List compiled by Lukas Jalu

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