Family words in Tuvaluan

Words for family members and other relatives in Tuvaluan.

  Tuvaluan (Te 'gana Tūvalu)
family kāiga
parent, mother mātua
father tamana, mātua tagata (Nanumea dialect)
mother mātua, mātua fafine (Nanumea dialect)
child tamaliki, tama
son tamaliki tagata
daughter tamaliki fafine
spouse āvaga
sibling taina (same gender as oneself)
tuagāne (opposite gender as oneself)
uncle fakatamana (father's brother)
tuātina (mother’s brother, same as a man’s sister’s child)
aunt fakamātua (father’s sister, same as mother’s sister) fakamātua (mother’s sister)
cousin fakataina (same gender as oneself)
fakatuagāne (opposite gender as oneself)
nephew, niece fakatama (a woman’s sister’s child)
tuātina (a man’s sister’s child, same as mother’s brother)
grandparent tupuna
grandfather tupuna tagata
grandmother tupuna fafine
grandchild mokopuna
grandson mokopuna tagata
granddaughter mokopuna fafine
great grandparent tupuga
great grandfather tupuga tagata
great grandmother tupuga fafine
great grandchild mokopū
great grandson mokopū tagata
great granddaughter mokopū fafine
great great grandchild mokomoko
great great grandson mokomoko tagata
great great granddaughter mokomoko fafine
great great great grandchild moko
great great great grandson moko tagata
great great great granddaughter moko fafine
great uncle fakatupuna tagata
great aunt fakatupuna fafine
father-in-law tamana o te āvaga, fugaono, fugaona
mother-in-law mātua o te āvaga, fugaono, fugaona
brother-in-law (a man’s sister’s husband or wife’s brother)
taina (husband’s brother)
sister-in-law (a woman’s brother’s wife or husband’s sister)
taina (wife’s sister)
son-in-law āvaga o te tamaliki fafine, tama, fugaono, fugaona
daughter-in-law āvaga o te tamaliki tagata, tama, fugaono, fugaona
ancestors tuā, fakasologa
progeny fānau, tama

List compiled by Emanuel Fuchs

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