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  1. It sounds quite nasal as does Portuguese and I thought I heard the name St, Peter. It also has some sounds that mimic Spanish or Portuguese and features the name Julio. For lack of a better guess I’d say it is at least from Brazil.

  2. It is an Italian dialect spoken not far from Venice. The words are quite vulgar.

  3. Yeah, sounds very Brazilian to me too. I’ll just add that I thought I heard “Peru” in there, so I’ll narrow to Western Brazil.

  4. I only recognise it as a Romance language. It does sound kind of similar to Portuguese to me as well. And I wouldn’t want to be Tulio in that situation, even though I don’t understand what the speaker says.

  5. I agree with Duccio , although I don’t know which Italian language or dialect is this one. I can hear and understand two bad and very vulgar words about some parts of the human body because they are equal -one of theese- and the other one is very similar in Valencià-Català-Balear (valenciano-catalán-balear in Spanish)

  6. Sorry about the vulgar words – I didn’t know about them as I don’t understand this language. It is a language spoken in Italy, and comes from an American film dubbed into the mystery language.

  7. Speaking for myself I think we are all adults so despite my not understanding the language I am not bothered by some raunchy language. I just can’t wait now to see what the language is!

  8. I agree with Hank. I think that languages have many nuances and expressions and it is not bad to know even unpleasant expressions in the ear. There have probably been more of this type in other examples of languages and we have not known. So don’t feel guilty about it.

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