Pilagá (pit'laxá)

Pilagá is a Guaicuruan language spoken in the northeast of Argentina. It is spoken in the Bermejo and Pilcomayo River valleys in Formosa province, and also in Chaco and Salta provinces. In 2012 there were about 3,500 speakers of Pilagá.

Pilagá is spoken by people of all ages, and is the first language Pilagá children acquire. When they go to school, however, they are taught in Spanish. A few schools have Pilagá-speaking assistants as well.

Pilagá alphabet & pronunciation

A orthography for Pilagá was developed in 1996 after much discussion in Ayo La Bomba by representatives of Pilagá-speaking communities. Before then a spelling system for Pilagá was developed by Alberto Buckwalter, a missionary, and used to produce a translation of the New Testament of the Bible.

Pilagá alphabet & pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Pilagá (Excel)

Sample text

Chan’eesa da’ ‘antamiñii, qaa’le ‘oñiit’oi: ‘Am qadet’a qan’étoqo’t ‘me ‘onet’ague di’ piỹem, ỹima da’ qoỹi’ỹoxoden da’ ‘adenaxat. Ỹa ‘anamaxaño’ qomle da’ ‘ad’onataxanaxac, tetoqo’ ỹí’et ga’ ‘onétapeec ỹima jen’me huetalquéna, ‘ená’am jena’me huet’ot na’ piỹem. Ỹa qo’mi ‘auanema jénjo’ nolo’ ga’ qonoq ‘me seuénaqtaaque. ‘Auapalaxa’t qomle naua’ qadoico, ‘ená’am qo’mi da’ sóxote sapalaxataq ga’ qo’mi qoỹ’eteque ‘me sa nó’in. Sa ‘te qomle da’ qo’mi ‘auasengueta ga’ qan’iinaguec, na’chidáta da’ qo’mi ‘antelaqtena’agueta ga’ sa nó’in. Qá’a da’ ‘ad’onataxanaxac, qataxa da’ ‘ad’añaxac, qataxa da’ ‘adi’ỹoxodic na’chi ‘eeta’t qaỹa ‘te loiquiaqa’. Já’a, na’chi ‘éeta dójo.

Source: https://christianchildmultilingualbibleverse.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/the-lords-prayer-pilaga-bible-nt/

Note: the sample text appears to use a different spelling system for Pilagá.

Sample video in and about Pilagá


Information about the Pilagá language and people
https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilagá_(langue) http://lenguapilaga.com.ar/web/

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