Numbers in Taita

Information about counting in Taita (Kidawida), a Bantu language spoken in the Taita Hills in south-eastern Kenya.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 imweri -wa imbiri
2 iwi -wa kawi
3 idadu -wa kadadu
4 inya -wa kana
5 isanu -wa kasanu
6 irandadu -wa karandadu
7 mfungade -wa mfungade
8 wunyanya -wa wunyanya
9 ikenda -wa ikenda
10 ikumi -wa ikumi
11 ikumi na imweri
12 ikumi na iwi
13 ikumi na idadu
14 ikumi na inya
15 ikumi na isanu
16 ikumi na irandadu
17 ikumi na mfungade
18 ikumi na wunyanya
19 ikumi na ikenda
20 mirongo iwi
21 mirongo iwi na imweri
22 mirongo iwi na iwi
23 mirongo iwi na idadu
24 mirongo iwi na inya
25 mirongo iwi na isanu
26 mirongo iwi na irandadu
27 mirongo iwi na mfungade
28 mirongo iwi na wunyanya
29 mirongo iwi na ikenda
30 mirongo idadu
40 mirongo ina
50 mirongo misanu
60 mirongo irandadu
70 mirongo mfungade
80 mirongo wunyanya
90 mirongo ikenda
100 ighana, ighana jimweri
101 ighana na imweri
110 ighana na ikumi
120 ighana na mirongo iwi
130 ighana na mirongo idadu
140 ighana na mirongo ina
150 ighana na mirongo misanu
200 maghana awi
250 maghana awi na mirongo misanu
300 maghana adadu
400 maghana ana
500 maghana masanu
555 maghana masanu na mirongo misanu na isanu
600 maghana arandadu
700 maghana mfungade
800 maghana w’unyanya
900 maghana ikenda
1,000 maghana ikumi, elifu imweri
2,000 elifu iwi
once indo jimweri
twice mando kawi
three times mando adadu
four times mando ana
five times mando masanu
six times mando arandadu
seven times mando mfungade
eight times mando wunyanya
nine times mando ikenda
ten times mando ikumi

Source: SAKAMOTO Kunihiko. An Introduction to Kidawida: The Language of the Taita in south-east Kenya.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Information about Dawida-Taita numerals:

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