Numbers in Tswana

Information about counting in Tswana (Setswana), a Bantu language spoken in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 nngwe nthla (mo/fa pele)
2 pedi bopedi
3 tharo botharo, boraro
4 nne bonne
5 tlhano botlhano
6 thataro bothataro
7 supa bosupa
8 robedi borobedi
9 robongwe borobongwe
10 (le)some bolesome
11 (le)somenngwe  
12 (le)somepedi  
13 (le)sometharo  
14 (le)somenne  
15 (le)sometlhano  
16 (le)somethataro  
17 (le)somesupa  
18 (le)somerobedi  
19 (le)somerobongwe  
20 masomamabedi, masome a mabedi  
21 masomamabedi nngwe, masome a mabedi nngwe  
22 masomamabedi pedi, masome a mabedi pedi  
23 masomamabedi tharo, masome a mabedi tharo  
24 masomamabedi nne, masome a mabedi nne  
25 masomamabedi tlhano, masome a mabedi tlhano  
26 masomamabedi thataro, masome a mabedi thataro  
27 masomamabedi supa, masome a mabedi supa  
28 masomamabedi robedi, masome a mabedi robedi  
29 masomamabedi robongwe, masome a mabedi robongwe  
30 masomamatharo, masome a tharo, masomamararo  
40 masomamanne, masome a mane  
50 masomamathlano, masome a mathlano  
60 masomamathataro, masome a thataro  
70 masomamasupa, masome a supa  
80 masomamarobedi, masome a robedi  
90 masomamarobongwe, masome a robongwe  
100 lekgolo  
200 makgolo a mabedi  
300 makgolo a tharo  
400 makgolo a nne  
500 makgolo a thlano  
600 makgolo a thataro  
700 makgolo a supa  
800 makgolo a robedi  
900 makgolo a robongwe  
1,000 sekete, sekete se le sengwe  
2,000 dikete tse pedi  
3,000 dikete tse tharo  
4,000 dikete tse nne  
5,000 dikete tse thlano  
6,000 dikete tse thataro  
7,000 dikete tse supa  
8,000 dikete tse robedi  
9,000 dikete tse robongwe  
1,000,000 mileone  
once gangwe  
twice gabedi  
thrice gatharo, gararo  
four times ganne  
five times gatlhano  
six times gathataro  
seven times gasupa  
eight times garobedi  
nine times garobongwe  
ten times galesome  

Source: Tshepo Dioka (Arts Chamber). Setswana Grammar Manual. July 2011.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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