Numbers in Kongo

Information about counting in Kongo (Kikongo), a Bantu language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Angola.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 mpavala
1 mosi ya ntete
2 zole ya zole
3 tatu ya tatu
4 nyá, yá, iya ya iya
5 tanu ya tanu
6 sambanu ya sambanu
7 nsambwadi, sambwadi ya nsambwadi
8 nana ya nana
9 vua, ivwa ya uvwa
10 kumi ya kumi
11 kumi ye mosi, kumi na mosi ya kumi na mosi
12 kumi ye zole, kumi na zole ya kumi na zole
13 kumi ye tatu, kumi na tatu ya kumi na tatu
14 kumi ye nyá, kumi ye yá, kumi na iya ya kumi na iya
15 kumi ye tanu, kumi na tanu ya kumi na tanu
16 kumi ye sambanu, kumi na sambanu ya kumi na sambanu
17 kumi ye nsambwadi, kumi na (n)sambwadi ya kumi na sambwadi
18 kumi ye nana, kumi na nana ya kumi na nana
19 kumi ye vua, kumi na ivwa ya kumi na ivwa
20 makumole, makumi zole
21 makumole ye mosi
22 makumole ye zole
23 makumole ye tatu
24 makumole ye yá
25 makumole ye tanu
26 makumole ye sambanu
27 makumole ye sambwadi
28 makumole ye nana
29 makumole ye vua
30 makumatatu
40 makumayá
50 makumatanu
60 makumasambanu, lusambanu
70 makumasambwadi, lunsambwadi
80 makumanana, lunana
90 makumavua, luvua
100 nkama
200 nkamazole
300 nkamatatu
400 nkamayá
500 nkamatanu
600 nkamasambanu
700 nkamansambwadi
800 nkamanana
900 nkamavua
1,000 funda, funda dimosi
5,000 mafunda tanu
10,000 mafunda kumiu
100,000 mafunda nkama, nkama dya mafunda
1,000,000 zunda dimosi


The forms of some numbers differ depending on the dialect of Kongo.

Hear some Kongo numbers:

Information about Kongo numbers

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