Herero numbers

How to count in Herero (Otjiherero), a Bantu language spoken in Namibia, Bostwana and Angola.

Prefixes are added to the numbers 1 to 5 depending on which noun class they are associated with. For example, one person = omundu umwe, four goats = ozongombo ine, and five friends = omapanga yetano. The prefixes are also added to the numbers 11 to 15, and 20, 30, 40 and 50.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 imwe (used for general counting)
-mwe (used with noun-class prefixes)
2 imbari (used for general counting)
-vari (used with noun-class prefixes)
3 indatu (used for general counting)
-tatu (used with noun-class prefixes)
4 ine (used for general counting)
-ne (used with noun-class prefixes)
5 indano (used for general counting)
-tano (used with noun-class prefixes)
6 hamboumwe oitjahamboumwe
7 hambombari oitjahambombari
8 hambondatu oitjahambondatu
9 muvyu oitjamuvyu
10 omurongo oitjaomurongo
11 omurongo na -mwe
12 omurongo na -vari
13 omurongo na -tatu
14 omurongo na -ne
15 omurongo na -tano
16 omurongo na hamboumwe
17 omurongo na hambombari
18 omurongo na hambondatu
19 omurongo na muvyu
20 omirongo -vari
30 omirongo -tatu
40 omirongo -ne
50 omirongo -tano
60 omirongo hamboumwe
70 omirongo hambombari
80 omirongo hambondatu
90 omirongo muvyu
100 esere
1,000 eyovi
1 million engete
1 billion etao
Uncountable ehavarwa


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