10 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. On hearing the timbre of the voice I immediately thought it is North American Indian and since everyone seems to think it is Cherokee I will have to agree.

  2. I’m Cherokee and I’m learning the language so I immediately recognized it, and I honestly I felt touched and happily surprised that my language was on one of these quizzes

  3. I fail to understand this enthusiasm. To me this sounds like Americans having a guilty conscience about another one of their languages going the way of the dodo, to be frank. Here in the EU (I’m continental, and speak a minority language) the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages is a legally binding agreement. What do you Americans have to guarantee support and protection for your linguistically “diverse”?

  4. I knew it was an North-American Indian language and similar to Iroquois, but I didn’t know which one in particular …Now, we all know.

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