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Today I added details of a two languages to Omniglot: Dhurwa (ପରଜି / धुरवा), a Central Dravidian language spoken in the states of Chhattisgarh and Odisha in eastern India; and Paresi (Haliti), an Arawakan language spoken in the state of Mato Grosso in central Brazil.

The total number of language profiles on Omniglot is now 1,300 – only a few less than the 7,000 or so languages currently spoken! The total is actually a bit higher as some pages include details of more than one language, but 1,300 is a nice round number.

So it’s unlikely I’ll run out of languages to add, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find information, especially about how languages are written and pronounced. If you know where to find such details about any languages not already on Omniglot, do let me know.

One thought on “Languages on Omniglot

  1. It is also interesting that the top two uses of alphabets are Latin with 955 and Cyrillic with 118 for a total of 1073 out of 1300, or about 83%. So, within the languages you have documented, 4 out of 5 people can write their language with just two scripts, Latin and Cyrillic. Even with so many other alphabets available and in use, it’s surprising the lead held by these two. The only other one that even comes close is Arabic with 66. I wonder how representative this sample is compared to all known languages. If prior remarks appearing on your web site are any hint, it’s likely that the remaining languages lean heavily to Latin usage.

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