Paipai (Akwa'ala)

Paipai is a Yuman language spoken in the municipality of Ensenada in the centre of Baja California state in northern Mexico. According to the 2010 census, about 200 people speak Paipai, which is also known as Jaspuy Pai.

Paipai has been documented by Judith Joël and Mauricio J. Mixco, who have written about the syntax, grammar and morphology of the language.

Paipai alphabet and pronunciation

Paipai alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text in Paipai

Ksar i kukuach ñu chipay ipay chuxumey, chipay paytum kyawa ñukuey may kurum kixkem kur zpok, ñilyomuk mitixiopeek vaak, ñulyomuh miñua xipeem mik, pa knaa k'im ib, em kos pa knaa tem, knaab k'am chapay mat kurum kixkeem kur zpok knaab. Ipeuliku i ksar ñuy, yuso pa iway ha soo ku ichte ? Mat kur yut pa yaih ñpim tuk, ñtum pa iway wirruliy vyauik pilñtemum mat cham ñikabyuchum vaak yok. Pa naar yok sook. Sook ñubuih ñ'am, ñsakyaw ipeulik. Mat kur kabyumum ñukuey kixkeso kur zpok; miziek vaak, mkuachik mik, mkuachum kixkee, kabñyum poa knaa ib, yuso pemi, ichmikunabu k'am say, chapayt kurum kixkech ha mikunabu k'am.

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