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Karakalpak (Қарақалпақ тили / Qaraqalpaq tili / قاراقالپاق تىلى)

Karakalpak is a member of the Kypchak branch of Turkic languages. It is spoken by about 412,000 people in the Karakalpakstan Autonomous Republic in Uzbekistan, where the language has official status. There are some Karakalpak speakers in Afghanistan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey as well.

Karakalpak is most closely related to Kazakh and Nogai, and has absorbed a lot of vocabulary and some grammar from Uzbek as well.

Until 1928, Karakalpak was written with the Arabic alphabet. Then from 1928 to 1940 it written the Latin alphabet, after which the Cyrillic alphabet was used. Since 1994, the Cyrillic alphabet has gradually been replaced by the Latin alphabet.

Karakalpak Arabic alphabet

Karakalpak Arabic alphabet

Karakalpak Cyrillic alphabet (қарақалпақ әлипбеси)

Karakalpak Latin alphabet

Karakalpak Latin alphabet (qaraqalpaq a'lipbesi)

Karakalpak Latin alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Karakalpak (Excel)

Sample text in Karakalpak (The Lord's Prayer)

Sample text in Karakalpak (The Lord's Prayer)


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