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Votic (vaďďa tšeeli / maatšeeli)

Votic or Votian a Finnic language closely related to Estonian. It is spoken in Krakolye and Luzhitsy, two villages in the Kingisepp district of St. Petersburg, Russia, by about 20 people, all of whom are elderly.

Efforts are currently being made to revive Votic with some lessons in the language in one school. It appears that most younger Votes are not all that interested in the language though.

Votic Cyrillic alphabet

There is no standardised writing system for Votic. The system below was developed by Ferenc Válóczy.

Cyrillic alphabet for Votic

Latin alphabet alphabet for Votic

A a B b C c D d D' d' E e F f G g H h I i J j K k
L l L' l' M m N n N' n' O o P p R r R' r' S s Š š S' s'
T t T' t' U u V v Y y Z z Z' z' Ž ž Õ õ Ä ä Ö ö Ü Ü

Votic pronunciation

Votic pronunciation


Information about the Cyrillic alphabet for Votic compiled by Wolfram Siegel.

Sample text in Votic

Исун теекырвылл
Ајаја вајылтыб веероа.
Ен тахо ылла сиинэ, кусса тулын.
Ен тахо ылла сиинэ, кухыы менен.
Михси терпитөисси
Нэен тэмээ вајылтыттава веероа?

a poem entitled "Вееровајылтамин (Бертолт Брехт)"

Information about Votic | Numbers in Votic


Information about the Votic language and people

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